The irony is that he usually travels solo! Backpacking, it’s true when he travels, he meets people from all over the world, but he has the choice to be with himself any moment he wants. he is a solitude seeker, but for the first time in his life he doesn’t want to be with himself,


Something changed! but with all the things changing around him, he knew part of him inside had also changed. One day he wished that he was in a nightmare, and he will wake up any moment. Fortunately, He did wake up!  when he saw a bag of beans in a sunny day while meeting a dear friend Laurel to go hiking, this bag took him from all what he is in and moved him with speed of light 6000 km to east, Bali. He been there last summer, it was his last trip before the pandemic, and with astonishment he said to himself “how did I forget myself?”.