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Usually in harsh times we got caught up with our worries and become anxious, forget to live in the moment and to accept the situation we are in. This mindset starts to craft our inner story that we repeatedly reinforce unconsciously. The mind doesn’t differentiate between good or bad, the mind is just there to help on either choice we choose. Then without noticing we become reactive, cynical, and negative in an exponential rate!

He was drifted away from his balance; this beautifully designed bag of coffee beans was a reminder and a time machine. he started remembering how he was feeling back then, he was elevated to the feeling of secure and self-content he felt there, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”. The photo on the bag gave life to part of his soul that he thought he already lost.

He bought it for 13$ even though he doesn’t make coffee at home, at that moment, this bag worth a fortune for him.

He wanted it around his sight. And still until this day. the bag is the Starbucks Guatemalan special edition coffee beans.

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