What he realizes is with the pandemic his business lost a lot, some of his important relationships had deteriorated. He couldn’t escape and clear his mind by traveling, then unconsciously choosing to surrender and gave what happened a hundred percent. No wonder he lost the taste of life.

He finished his breakfast and while cleaning the Turquoise plate from the pieces left of his granola, a scary idea invaded his peaceful morning, “what if I returned back to that distressed feeling, how can I keep myself from going back?” Distracted by A ringtone from his phone on the rounded white table, he picked the phone up, and for the first time he realized that the wallpaper hasn’t been changed for months. He shouted enthusiastically “I found it! I found it!”.

Rushing to his MacBook he returned to thousands of shots collected while traveling, which occasionally posts and get great vibe from Instagram comments, but never he did more than that.

This time He decided to do something more…