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Thanks for reading my story, as I suffered, I started to be more sensitive to other’s suffering. It’s so obvious to feel how a physical illness could affect someone’s life, but we feel much less to who suffer emotionally, where it could be as devastating as a physical illness or even more.


I invested in myself when I purchased this 13$

Starbucks bag of coffee beans, because I believe

that my mood is worth spending that small amount.

It influenced how my day unfolded.


Qthirtine starbucks.jpeg

One morning, while I was wondering about my pandemic experience and searching for a way to be constantly reminded to be positive and optimistic, an idea sparked in my mind when I looked at my phone. These days, we use our phones excessively, the first item we check before leaving home are our phones, and we carry them almost all the time. I was inspired to choose the pictures that moved my feelings or altered my emotions positively and use them as phone wallpapers.

Now every moment I looked at my phone I will be reminded to be positive and optimistic.


While going through the pictures, I started learning how to edit professionally using the Adobe lights experiment. I came across a group of photographers who post pictures of Bali’s beauty, some of them were residents of Bali, and they have found “The Preset Bundle”. this bundle helped me improve the editing process of these pictures.


During these difficult times, I started to change my phone wallpaper on a regular basis from these chosen and edited special pictures, this had a huge effect on my daily life, it helped to set my mood for the day and facilitates my mind to a specified state, a state of boosted productivity and creativity.


 I was inspired to create this WIX website to share my story and give you the chance to share yours.


If you are interested to positively affect your emotions and mood,

Through your phone, through wallpapers, you can purchase my special wallpapers collection through the link below…

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